New Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection

New Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection

New Victoria’s Secret Designer Collection

I’m a huge fan of magic, and watch about 25 magic shows every year. I’ve seen The Illusionists (and similarly produced versions like the Unbelievables and Adam Trent’s solo show) at least 5 times, having flown to Poland, Sydney, Broadway and more exclusively to see the show. For me, one of the most important aspects of The Illusionists is the range of characters that make up the texture of the spectacle: there are beautiful wonderments, dangerous acts, big stage illusions, smaller more personal situations, funny moments. The art is to get the pacing and variety just right to take the audience on a journey that leaves them breathless, amazed, laughing, and in wonder. If done right, the show appeals to everyone in many many ways. In April 2019, I took my family to Warsaw to see the international version of the show. Given the language issues across many countries, it was clear that there would have to be less humor and more big illusions to fill in. This made the texture seem a bit more monotone. But a really nice surprise was the addition of Sos and Victoria’s quick change act — it felt radically different from the other acts and added a fast-paced, visual spectacle that held a large segment of the audience riveted. To me and my family, the style, flair, splash of color, and artistry brought by Sos and Victoria’s act was the perfect complement to the danger of Andrew Basso, the captivating character of Kevin James, and the sheer beauty and pure magic of Yu Hojin. Thanks for putting on another amazing show!

Adam Cheyer Co-founder of Siri

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