Kit mit 5м Clumsy Loops auf Band N1 und 5м Angelschnur

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Kit with Clumsy Loops on Ribbon N1 and Fishing Line

5 meters of Clumsy Loops N1

5 meters of Fishing Line

+ Instruction

+ Special Bag for accessories

So let's talk about the new release mechanism. Before we took simple loops and bent them with pliers to get the shape that we needed. We called this part of the release mechanism a Clumsy Loop. The Clumsy Loops are one of the best release mechanisms for Quick Change Costumes. Here is what Lex Schoppi, a German expert on the Quick Change genre, said about our Clumsy Loops: I know 25 systems of tear away (release mechanisms). Your "Clumsy Loop" is one of the cleverest systems. Your thinking is up side down!!! The "Clumsy Loop" is the smallest tear away seams I have ever seen. Very, very brilliant. Your second book is a masterpiece!

We were very satisfied with the Clumsy Loops system, but there was only one issue: the time involved in making them. Those who have already tried to do it will agree that this process takes a very long time, and bending the loops with pliers is not a very easy task. For example, for men's trousers, you have to bend up to 300 loops. You will need the same amount for the men's jacket. Each Clumsy Loop must be carefully and individually sewn to the material, fixing it at three points (along with the edges and in the middle). This takes a lot of time. Also, before each performance, it is necessary to check the strength of each Clumsy Loop. If one of them has come off or bent out of shape, then when pulling the fishing line, it can get stuck between other Clumsy Loops and the transformation will not work. After seeing how much time Victoria needed for fixing Clumsy Loops to the costumes, I decided that I needed to change something. So, I started thinking about how to simplify the whole process of making the Clumsy Loops release mechanism. Text form the book...

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Beschreibung Kit with Clumsy Loops on Ribbon and Fishing Line 5 meters of Clumsy Loops 5 meters of Fishing Line + Instruction + Special Bag for accessories


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